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Friends of Maatsuyker Island

Extremities of Needles looking back to Maatsuyker

Where we work

Maatsuyker Island is located approximately 10 km off the south coast of Tasmania and is the second largest island in the Maatsuyker Group. It is 3 km long and 1.5 km wide at its widest point and covers 180 hectares. The island is part of the south west National Park, Tasmanian Wilderness World Heritage Area. It has a variety of flora and fauna, and is unique in that it is the location of Australia’s most southerly lighthouse.

For more information about this stunning island we recommend the Maatsuyker Island Handbook, available in the  WILDCARE On-Line Shop

Who we are

The Friends of Maatsuyker Island is a group of like-minded people with varying ages and skills who enjoy volunteering together to plan and organise on-ground activities.

What we do

Our group works in partnership with the Parks and Wildlife Service to maintain the cultural and natural heritage values of Maatsuyker Island.
Some of our activities include:

Biosecurity Procedures

Click here for guidance on how to avoid carrying pests and diseases onto Maatsuyker Island.

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Catalogue of Objects - Maatsuyker Island 2013 

Using a grant from the Maritime Museum of Australia Project Support Scheme (MMAPSS) and Wildcare Inc, FOMI with the expertise of Rosanna Cameron, has catalogued over 400 objects on Maatsuyker Island.

It is acknowledged in the Tasmanian Heritage Register that: “Maatsuyker Island Light station, built in 1891, is of historic heritage significance because it represents the principal characteristics of a group of Late Victorian Lightstation Buildings, including the remains of a rare supply haulage system and unusually intact lighthouse”.
In 2008 FOMI compiled an archive of photographs from John Cook, a lighthouse keeper in Tasmania for almost 25 years. Since then FOMI hoped to add to this project. The group has been aware of the multitude of objects of varying types and interests on the Island and in order to plan appropriate preservation and interpretation strategies, it was decided they must first be fully recorded.
This is the first volume and includes over 432 records comprising around 65% of the objects to be recorded. The objects range in type from objects in the tower, relating to the Chance Brothers tower fittings and the remains of the haulageway, to objects of a more domestic nature from the everyday life of the Keepers and their families. Because of the remoteness of the Island it was difficult to procure new items and dispose of old. There are many items
displaying the improvisation, adaptation and re-use that were therefore necessary.
This Pdf is a part of a larger electronic data document (please follow the link for access to the catalogue). More information will be added as it becomes available. It is hoped that public access will arouse interest and attract further information. If anyone feels they have information to add relating to objects displayed please contact FOMI or Rosanna Cameron (

The Friends of Maatsuyker Island (FOMI) Wildcare Inc., kindly thank the Australian National Maritime Museum and the Australian Government through the Maritime Museums of Australia Project Support Scheme (MMAPSS) for their collaborative support and Wildcare for its financial support for transport to the Island.
The catalogue and design has been compiled by Rosanna Cameron with assistance on the Island from Anne Piesse and administrative support from Marina Campbell (president FOMI) and Derek Inglis (treasurer FOMI).

This document and the photos herein are copyright. They may not be displayed, made public or used outside the context of the document. Any reproduction, duplication or public use of the material must first be sanctioned by FOMI, Rosanna Cameron or representative.

To view the catalogue click here


Like to see more of Maatsuyker Island?

We have some great historical photos of life on Maatsuyker Island when it was a manned Lighthouse Station. Click on the image below to visit our photo gallery.

Maatsuyker gallery

Or take a look at our Maatsuyker Island Slideshow

Ever wondered what it was like to be a lighthouse keeper on an isolated island?

Have a listen to John Cook, the second longest serving keeper in Australia. A fascinating interview with the ABC.  John worked on Maatsuyker Island, Tasman Island, Eddystone Point and Bruny Island.

And take a look at this short film about being a lighthouse keeper on Maatsuyker Island. Australians at work - lighthouse keeping,


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